15th August – a perfect day for a picnic

Cosse Violette - climbing French bean

Cosse Violette - climbing French bean

Actually, today turned out not to be the perfect day to picnic.  The sun didn’t do a lot of shining on the William Fowler Allotments in Chipping Norton.  The wind however, was another matter.

Despite the none too warm conditions, it was a good opportunity to get to work and tackle the weeds.  And to think only last week, I said the weeds seemed to be dying down!  In fairness, the plot hadn’t been weeded in 3 weeks, so we were due for a bit of maintenance.

One of the great things about being on the allotment is being able to watch what other people are up to.  This is not only a great source of enjoyment, it’s a great way to learn.  As copywriters, we thrive on knowledge and information!  One of our neighbours (next plot but one) was lifting his potatoes.  Although we don’t grow spuds on our plot, I was overcome with a bad case of potato envy!  We’ve since been told the variety was ‘Picasso’ and they were enormous.  Although we were some distance away, the sight of mountains of huge potatoes were enough to warm any gardener’s heart.

Kojak courgettes and carrots

Kojak courgettes and carrots

We’ve had a big success this year.  I opted to grow a variety of courgette called ‘Kojak’.  I selected them from Edwin Tucker’s seed catalogue for no better reason than they were spineless, and the idea of not coming home covered in scratches really appealed.  Although a lot of the seed failed to germinate … probably because we had a fairly chilly spring, the ones which did are magnificent!  We’ve been picking some perfect courgettes of around 10” long – real show-stoppers.  We bought a 2nd batch of courgette seeds from a local shop.  These were mixed varieties and we won’t be buying them again.  Several of the plants are producing pale green courgettes with a lot of seed.  Although they taste OK, the wishy-washy colour just doesn’t appeal.  So when it comes to Kojak … it really is a case of ‘who loves ya baby’!

We’re being very careful to weigh all our veg this year so we can work out exactly how much we get in yield and value.  With a another 1.5kg of spinach, huge amounts of purple Cosse Violette French beans, and other assorted goodies, we came home with a healthy 7.5 kilo of freshly picked vegetables.  Should last us a day or so!


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