26 September – A mystery gift at allotment 66A!

Apart from a very busy weekend on the allotment, we also had to spend some time unravelling a little mystery.  When we arrived at our ‘plotment’ in Chipping Norton on Saturday morning, we were surprised to find a mystery gift.  Some kind benefactor had left us … a bag of … well plants of some sort!  This of course begged two questions – who was the kind soul and what the heck were the plants?

Newly planted spring cabbage

Newly planted spring cabbage

Despite the glorious weather, there was little activity on the William Fowler allotment this weekend.  So we cracked on with some work, still puzzling over our anonymous gift.

There was much to achieve this weekend.  Finally our Cosse Violette French beans had to come down, but waiting in the wings was next year’s Durham Early cabbage.  Looking round neighbouring plots, there seems to be a lot of empty space, while our allotment is still packed to the gunnels!  In fact, trying to cram in our onions, cabbage and greens, and over-wintering lettuce was challenging to say the least!

The last of the lettuce and onions found a home as a ‘catch crop’ in what really should be our raspberry bed.  As most of our canes bought last year failed, we’ve taken the opportunity to use the extra space as a temporary measure.  I’m not sure if onions and raspberries make good bed-fellows, but frankly … they’ll have to get on with it!

'Freegle' Raspberry Canes

'Freegle' Raspberry Canes

My creative planting was to be short-lived.  Having far more over-wintering plants than we needed, the remainder were advertised on Freegle (the newly branded version of Freecycle).  They were quickly snapped up and the kind recipient rewarded us with a bunch of … raspberry canes.  Whoops.  Back to the drawing board!  I’m not sure how the lettuce will take being transplanted twice in two days, but with more than 30 planted elsewhere on the allotment, I guess we can bear the loss.  And as for the onions, they’re still in there somewhere.

But what about the anonymous plants?  Sorry to have kept you in suspense!  The mystery was finally unravelled late on Saturday.  I’d sent a couple of emails to fellow allotmenteers asking if they could shed any light, and bingo!  Our gift turned out to be some Comfrey – promised a couple a weeks ago and completely forgotten.  It has to be said however, I wouldn’t recognise a Comfrey plant if it bit me.  But now I have one, I’ve done my homework and am looking forward to super-rich compost, green manure and noxious smelling plant food next year!


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    […] when the family get into their new house.  So today we have started off our first batch of comfrey cordial.  This is said to be the most amazing liquid feed, despite smelling like an open sewer!  […]

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