Fabulous frog spawn!

Weeded allotment

Almost weed-free allotment

There’s something very satisfying about weeding! No only can you vent all your frustrations, having weed-free beds makes the allotment look very well managed and cared for.  Of course it doesn’t last long and it won’t be long before nature starts fighting back with a vengeance.  Good job I enjoy weeding, because most of my time on the allotment this weekend was spent doing just that.  With only 2 beds left to prepare, I feel we’re ahead of the game.

Considering our allotment is only 90’ long, there is a huge difference in both the soil and the weeds, as you work your way along the plot.  At the entrance end, we’re plagued with couch grass and buttercups, while at the far end, it’s nettle and ground elder.  The one common factor is bindweed, which is rife on our plot.  But short of using weedkillers, which we don’t do, it’s something we just have to live with.

Frog spawn

Frog spawn in the pond

The highlight of this allotment week has been the discovery of frog spawn in our little pond.  The ‘pond’ is actually an old header tank from a central heating system, but for our small allotment, it’s ideal.  In 2007 when we put it in, we acquired some tadpoles from a local Freecycler.  We know we have a number of frogs and toads on the allotment and do our best to encourage them, so imagine our delight when we spotted the spawn.

David’s fencing repair is going well, with ½ the allotment now finished.  Hopefully the higher, more secure fencing will help keep out intruders … both bunnies and the 2-legged human variety!

We have some pretty large broad beans lurking in our plant houses at the moment, and the plan was to get them in the ground this weekend.  However with the threat of more snow (haven’t we had enough!) this week, we decided we’d leave them for another week.  Chipping Norton is notorious for its extreme weather, and I’d hate to lose them at this stage.

We did manage to get 200 Stutgarter Giant onion sets planted though.  We had a bit of a crisis with these, and realised a couple of weeks ago that they hadn’t arrived from our seed merchant.  Further investigation revealed we never actually ordered them in the first place!  But Edwin Tucker came up trumps again.  They still had stocks and got them to us in record time.  Thanks guys!

With Easter looming, we’re hoping the rain keeps off enough to allow us to have at least a couple of days on the allotment.  What else are holiday weekends for?


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