This week we’re mostly eating greens (& purples)

Clematis on arch

Recently planted clematis

Our allotment has been a hive of inactivity this week, due to a cricked neck and a not so glamorous surgical collar.  But as most of the brassica plants are still in modules and taking their time about this growing lark, it wasn’t a disaster.

We did have a quick trip up to the plot to harvest some greens for Sunday dinner.  The kale is just starting to go to seed, so we were keen to rescue as much as possible before it ends its days in compost heaven.  The yield has been a lot lower than last year, and the Redbor Kale, while looking glorious, has been a disappointment.

Purple Sprouting

Purple Sprouting

The perpetual spinach is revelling in the warmer weather and the purple sprouting has finally decided to reward us with some succulent heads.  It wasn’t a bad haul … we came home with just over a kilo of kale, and ½ kg of both spinach and purple sprouting.  Guess what we’ll be eating this week?

Update on the ‘Good Life’ carrots

I was keen to see if our ‘Good Life’ pre-sprouted carrots were making an appearance … but to date … not a trace!  We get a lot of Common Fumitory on the allotment and, as a ‘weedling’, looks very similar to a carrot.  One or two are appearing in the carrot bed, but I’ve been conned by these before, so this time there was no mistake and they were swiftly removed!

First Swedelets

Swede seedlings

Swede seedlings

The first of our swede seeds have germinated!  With some very warm weather forecast for the coming week, we removed the cloches in case our precious swede got cooked prematurely.  The seedlings are just appearing, as you will see from the picture.

And finally … we checked up on our shrubs which we planted last weekend.  We took some cuttings from a Solanum in the garden last year, with the intention of planting a couple on the edge of the allotment.  We have a metal arch (recycled from the garden) across the path which already has a young honeysuckle growing up it.  We’ve added a Solanum and a clematis which we’ve been nurturing at home for the occasion.  They all look to be happy and healthy and 2 of the Solanum are already producing buds.

So it was a low-effort allotment weekend … but expect better things from us next weekend over the Bank Holiday … weather permitting!


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5 Responses to “This week we’re mostly eating greens (& purples)”

  1. allotment ali Says:

    Sorry to hear about your carrots, I was hoping it was going to work!! Good to see the swede coming through though!

  2. Joy McCarthy Says:

    I haven’t given up on them yet Ali. Our carrots always take weeks before they appear, so watch this space!

  3. Max Akroyd Says:

    Hope your neck is on the mend Joy.

    I’ve just polished off our first Couve Tronchuda: sounds fancy but it’s just a sweet spring green. I’m a big kale fan too and have managed to get some asparagus kale seed to try this year.

    Regarding swede, I usually start mine off in modules – do you think this is a bad move?

  4. Joy McCarthy Says:

    Hi Max

    Thanks – the pain in the neck is on its way out now. Your Couve Tronchuda does sound very exotic. We’ve got some spring greens in of an unknown variety (free with a gardening magazine) and it’s coming along. I’ve never come across asparagus kale either. We’ve got some hungry gap kale in, but not used any yet, simply because we are knee deep in greens and there’s a limit to how much 2 people and a dog can eat!

    I’ve never tried swede in modules. We tried doing beetroot in the newspaper tubes and got ovals instead of round ones, and it didn’t work with carrots – they were very interesting corkscrew shapes!

    I just sow the swede seeds and thin them out a bit. We have been very successful with them, but I think that’s more luck than judgement! Perhaps the soil is just right with us. Our biggest weighed in at about 7lbs. They do have a tendency to rot though. We lift them rather than leaving in the ground, cook them and freeze to get over that problem.

    Thanks for the tip about parsley seeds! I’ve waited for ages for ours to germinate.

    Hope the sun is still shining in France


  5. Max Akroyd Says:

    I might chance a direct sowing of swedes. It’s so dry here that the slugs and snails are lurking in the shadows and things are getting away before they can eat them… if I can be bothered doing the watering,that is.

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