Minimum maintenance required

This has been a very leisurely weekend on the allotment!  Finally, the weeds have realised who’s boss and Mother Nature is performing her miracles.  So, as there is little to write about this week, it has at least given me the opportunity to complete our new blog page: Allotment Central.

Of course there was still some pernicious bindweed to remove, but weeding the plot from end to end was no more than ½ hour’s work (even with a cup of coffee at half time).

Raspberry netting

The Raspberry 'Cage'

One of today’s missions was to organise the raspberry netting, having just draped it around last weekend.  The challenge is to keep the birds out, but still allow us (and the bees) access.

David spent some time assembling his second venetian blind anti-bird device.  Whether it makes any difference remains to be seen, but they make a lovely noise blowing in the wind.

Despite sowing 3 packets of carrot seeds, we still have next to nothing to show for our efforts.  The parsnips don’t appear to be doing much and frankly, we’re losing hope.  It doesn’t appear to be a good year for roots, on our allotment at least.  The onions are suffering from lack of rain and some those planted in the spring are no bigger than pickling size.

Runenr bean flower bud

The first runner bean bud

But enough of this doom and gloom.  The broad beans are probably only about 2 weeks away from being ready to pick, the first bud has appeared on the runners, and the swedes, which had a slow start, are flourishing!

Our deliberations continue and we still haven’t reached any decision about applying for a second allotment.  I strolled down and looked a couple which are clearly vacant (surely nobody would deliberately grow weeds that big) but they are all a fair distance from our existing plot.  Although we have time at present, we have to take into account how we would cope at peak times with sowing and planting, and of course just picking the produce.  The jury will be out for some time yet …

Marian Swede

Marian Swede - coming on nicely


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