Let the harvest commence!

Cosse Violette French Beans

Cosse Violette French Beans underway

With a busy weekend planned, we had a very quick trip up to the allotment.  At least the dry spell has kept most of the weeds at bay, except the bindweed, of course.  If our scientists could find a way of making edible plants grow that easily, there would be no such thing as world hunger.

The lack of water is continuing to be a problem.  It hasn’t rained in Chipping Norton for weeks now and we are down to about 100 ltrs in the tank.

But we have a cunning plan … it is too far to run hoses to the nearest tap and it is a long way to lug it by the bucket full.  Writing this, I’m consumed with guilt … having written about fresh water supplies in 3rd world countries, we ought to be jolly grateful we don’t have to carry ALL our water miles each day!  And of course it would probably be good for us if we did.  However, the plan is this … as we have a fair few buckets with tight fitting lids, we will drive down to the tap, fill ‘em up’ and drive back up again.  Of course … that’s going to add to the food miles we’re meant to be avoiding by having an allotment.  Oh God! More guilt!

Alderman Peas

Alderman peas - not enjoying the drought!

Apart from having picked the first of the broad beans and the peas, there is little to report.  We’ve no experience of growing in what is effectively a drought situation.  We’ve given up on the carrots … 3 packets of seeds, planted conventionally and our Good Life experiment, and we have about 6 to show for it.  The parsnips, which have always been one of our champion crops, are not much better and the Alderman peas are dying off before our very eyes.  My thoughts are with all the farmers and growers experiencing the same problems and I’m very thankful we don’t do it for a living.


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2 Responses to “Let the harvest commence!”

  1. Allotment Ali Says:

    You do have to weigh it all up don’t you – fetching water by hand, or getting it by car which like you say will add to your food miles!! Can’t you borrow a hose from someone and link it to yours for a bit, so you an fill your tanks that way? Just an idea to try and stop your guilty feelings!

  2. Joy McCarthy Says:

    Decided we are going to have to invest in hoses (plural) It is a very long way! Problem with borrowing is we have to depend on people being there at the same time as us. There is one we can borrow, we have one 50m but will need at least one, if not 2 more. Our plot is as far from the tap as it is possible to be! Bad judgement on our part.

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