A new season – a new resolution

After a year of tardiness in updating our allotment blog, I have resolved to do better this year!  No more putting it off and conveniently forgetting about our allotment diary – instead I will be making regular updates about this year’s progress.

Cloches on the allotment

Warming the soil

This is our 4th season up on plot 66A on Chipping Norton’s William Fowler Allotments.  It still seems like yesterday  we were facing the mammoth task of clearing the wilderness.

We still approach the new season with some trepidation, wondering how much work it will take to prepare the ground.  In reality, it is quite an easy task now.  All the hand weeding pays dividends and having individual beds reduces the workload considerably.

So what have we planned for 2011?  Well … we’re hoping to actually produce some carrots and parsnips after last year’s dismal failure.  On the plus side, none of our 12 carrots suffered from carrot fly, so at least we seem to have perfected our anti-fly screening technique.  Now if we can just get the blessed things to grow …

Carrot fly screen

The carrot 'play pen'

We’re going to have more French beans and less runners and lots more delicious sweetcorn.  We’re also attempting to grow our own onions from seeds this year, although we’ve hedged our bets and planted some sets too … just in case.

We had a visit from the family this weekend and took full advantage of our son-in-law’s energy and enthusiasm!  He happily got on with digging the last bed while I supervised our (almost) 2 year old Baby Bear.  She was fascinated by the allotment, thrilled to plant some seeds (potatoes) and very knowledgeable about the ‘compo’ (compost) – courtesy of Mr Bloom’s Nursery programme on children’s TV!

Potatoes planted by Baby Bear

Potatoes planted by Baby Bear

I must share this little boast with you … Jon, our son-in-law, is a bit of a ‘twitcher’ and has a bird song identification app on his iPhone.  He and Baby Bear have been learning to identify their birds over the past few weeks.  Imagine our amazement when our tiny tot stopped digging with her new baby-sized trowel, cocked her head, listened intently and announced … “It’s a chaffinch”.  We looked up and chirping away in the hedgerow was indeed a chaffinch … do we have a child prodigy on our hands?

So more news next week from the Copywriter’s Allotment.  We’re ahead of the game with everything ready to go.  Back at allotment central, the plant-house is full of seedlings and it won’t be long until we’re planting like crazy.


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One Response to “A new season – a new resolution”

  1. Marie Ali Campbell Says:

    All looking good and some good planning is the way to go! Well done to Baby Bear too – great to have a little help isn’t it?


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