Another water crisis averted

For all the glorious weather, we didn’t do a lot at the allotment over Easter.  Our mission was to spruce up our back garden which always plays 2nd fiddle to the lotty.  While the garden … allotment central … plays a vital role in our veggie production, it has been somewhat lacking as place of recreation in recent years.

Onward peas

Peas recovering from attack - note the gap!

We did have a couple of short trips up to the plot though to complete the onsite seed planting.  While I sprinkled and sowed, David was charged with strimming the paths for the first time this year.

Watering has been high on our agenda this year, having suffered so badly in last year’s drought.  I was sure the water level in our 1,000ltr tank was very low, but David assured me there was plenty.  Hmmm!  In case you’re wondering why we can’t tell by looking at it, I need to explain the tank is black and raised up about a metre off the ground.  The only way to measure the water involves mountaineering and a long stick.  However, I digress … before we had finished watering on Sunday the tank was as dry as the proverbial …

If you remember our performance from last year, you’ll know filling our 1000ltr tank takes time and a performance involving 3 hose pipes measuring nearly 150mtr in length.  If anyone else is using the water, anywhere on the allotments, the pressure drops to little more than a dribble.  David’s Easter Monday mission was to pop up to the allotment early, accompanied by a good book and a flask of coffee, and relax in the sun while the tank topped up.  I didn’t expect him to rush off at 6am though leaving me to slumber on.

So in the meantime an update … the infernal C-things still have not made an appearance.  But I am NOT going to stress about them this year!  The Onward peas seem to have recovered from their attack, but the more recently planted ones appear to have suffered the same fate.  Obviously then it’s rodents at work – all the netting has ensured the pigeons can’t get a look in.  Back to the paraffin next year!

Honeysuckle on the allotment

Honeysuckle with buds

I was delighted to see our honeysuckle plant has finally got buds.  Three years ago a honeysuckle in our garden self-seeded and we had plants galore.  Many were given away, but a couple found their way up to the allotment.  This will be its first year in flower so we’re looking forward to enjoying the sight and the perfume.

The onions grown from seed, which I planted last week, are not looking happy.  They are still resembling blades of grass and definitely the worse for wear.  On the plus side, the ones in the plant house at home are looking considerably better, but I am quite confused as to how these tiny little plants are ever going to grow into anything more sizeable than a spring onion … but time alone will tell.

Next week, brassica planting is on the agenda.  Last season’s kale and purple sprouting is finished and the perpetual spinach is rapidly going to seed … just as well the new season is underway.


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