Rain stopped allotment play

Yes – rain!  At long last we’ve had some significant wet weather. Typically of course it was over the weekend and not during the week when we really wanted it.

It’s a bit hard updating a blog when there is nothing to report, but I’ll do my best.  After all, I am meant to be a writer and I did promise to post weekly.  While it was too wet to do anything on the plot, we did of course pop up between showers to take a look see.

Carrot enclosure

The carrot enclosure

Now while I promised not to be obsessed with carrots this year, we have still spent more time than I care to mention peering optimistically into the carrot enclosure.  With what results?  I know you’re dying to know what’s happened!  OK, I won’t keep you in suspense … in carrot bed A, planted with Chantenay Red Cored … a big fat zilch!  Not a single thing to be seen, apart from the odd weed that is.  So the clock is ticking … if they haven’t put in an appearance by the weekend, their time is up and the bed is being given  over to beetroots.

But … in carrot bed B … success! The Early Nantes are up and quite prolific they are too!  I can’t begin to describe the excitement and a sense of relief.  I don’t actually like cooked carrots, but love them raw, and carrot juice mixed with freshly squeezed orange juice is out of this world.  But none of that compares to the heady perfume of home grown carrots when they are pulled from the ground!

Autumn Gold raspberries in bud

Autumn Gold raspberries - covered in buds

Our Autumn Gold raspberries are worthy of a mention too. They clearly don’t understand the seasons as they fruit throughout the summer and well into the autumn.  While we can count the number of red raspberries we’ve had on one hand, the Autumn Gold ones are quite amazing.  If you’re looking for a high yield raspberry … look no further!

While rain stopped play at the allotment, a few dry spells allowed me to plant a few more modules of sweet corn.  We have never had much luck germinating corn, only having around a 30% success rate.  We’ve tried them in the plant house, on the window ledges, and straight in the ground.  The germination rate has been consistent, if nothing else.  So if anyone has any green-fingered tips for growing sweet corn, they would be very welcome.

Finally, our window ledges are being taken over by

Cosse Violette French Beans

French beans gone mad!

rampaging French Beans.  They have gone quite mad and are going to need to be planted very soon.  Let’s just hope the weather permits.  Last year I made some weather notes in our online diary.  I can say with authority … on the 13th May 2010 … Chipping Norton had a heavy frost.  Best leave the beans where they are for now then.

I seem to have written quite a lot for someone who started this post with nothing to say …


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2 Responses to “Rain stopped allotment play”

  1. Max Akroyd Says:

    I sowed the exact same varieties of carrot – to no avail. Which is a bit disappointing, especially as we’re not that far from Nantes or Chantenay!

  2. Joy McCarthy Says:

    That’s made me feel better Max – I thought it was just me! Perhaps I should just stick to swedes!

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