About the authors

Joy McCarthy with Megan

Joy McCarthy with Megan

Joy and David McCarthy are professional writers and marketing specialists based in the Oxfordshire town of Chipping Norton.  They work for a range of clients in many different industry sectors providing copywriting and internet marketing services.

WORD-right, the copywriting arm of the company, was established in 2006.  In the spring of 2009, Joy and David developed WEB-right Simplicity: a compete website and Internet marketing package for small businesses.  To launch Simplicity, the

David McCarthy

David McCarthy

company sponsored the Chipping Norton Lido of Promises dedicated website.  More recently, WEB-right has been working with a group of Oxfordshire-based women,Team Attitude at Altitude, who have pledged to raise £20,000 for national charity Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

Since taking over their plot on the William Fowler Allotment Trust late in 2007, David and Joy McCarthy have been documenting their progress with a series of photographs.  As professional writers, they decided they should be keeping a written diary of all their efforts, hence this blog.  As well as keeping a weekly account of progress, they’re also hoping to share some of the secrets of successful allotmenteering!

Joy McCarthy’s early career was in catering and she previously owned a restaurant and outside catering company.  As the blog develops, Joy will be adding more of her recipes and suggestions for using home grown produce.

Joy says, “We hope the blog will provide inspiration for others taking on their first allotment, and give them useful information.  We would love to receive comments and suggestions from experienced gardeners and allotment keepers.  We know we’ve got a lot to learn and what better way to do this, than by listening to people who’ve been doing it for years.”


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