Allotment News

As part of our allotment reports, we decided at the start of the 2009 season to weigh and record all the produce from our allotment.  Amazingly, we’ve done it!  In fact it has become an exciting ritual every time we come home with a trug full of goodies!

(I’m not sure our WORD-right office postal scales were intended for this purpose, but they are extremely useful and have now taken up permanent residence in the kitchen)

Almost 100kg so far!

We’ve now had our first tally and as of 6th September, the total weight so far is almost 100kg.  Considering we don’t grow potatoes, that’s quite a lot of veg!

Front runners are the courgettes, having produced 18.5kg (115 courgettes!) and still going strong.  And the perpetual spinach has rewarded us with more than 12kg to date.  14kg of broad beans was a respectable crop and the 5kg French beans have been picked in just about 3 weeks!

We’ll be sure to publish the full league table at the end of April next year, when all our over-wintering veg are finished.

Nearly £300 saved!

Not content with weighing our produce, we’ve also been costing it at supermarket prices (Chipping Norton sadly doesn’t have a greengrocer!).  Had we bought all our produce, the cost would have been in the region of £300!

There’s still a long way to go, but we’re optimistic about reaching a third of a tonne and a total value of around £900 – £1,000, but we’ll keep you posted.

Five a day?  More like five a meal in our house!


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