Seedless raspberry jam

To make your seedless raspberry jam, you first need to make the raspberry ‘puree’.  You can use red

Seedless gold raspberry jam

Seedless gold raspberry jam

or gold raspberries, depending on what’s available.

  1. Put the raspberries in a saucepan and cook slowly until they turn into a pulp.  You don’t need any water as raspberries are very juicy.
  2. Push your raspberry puree through a sieve to remove all the pips.  Don’t forget to scrape the puree off the bottom of the sieve or you’ll waste some!
  3. Put a couple of saucers or small dishes in the freezer to get cold.
  4. Measure your raspberry puree and put it back in the pot.  For every pint of puree add 1lb sugar.
  5. Bring slowly to the boil stirring until the sugar is properly dissolved.
  6. Turn the heat up and boil your jam.  Stir it frequently so it doesn’t stick. Raspberry jam cooks quickly.  The cooking time will depend on the quantity you make, but it should be close to setting point in 10 – 15 minutes.
  7. Carefully skim off any scum using a flat spoon or a ladle.
  8. Home-made scone with golden raspberry jam

    Home-made scone with seedless raspberry jam

    Your jam will thicken and, if you’re observant, you’ll see its appearance change slightly.  When this happens, pour a small amount onto your chilled saucer.  Push it gently with your finger – if it wrinkles, it’s ready.

  9. Pour into sterilized hot jars and seal.
  10. Now the best bit – eat with home-made scones for a delicious  treat!

3 Responses to “Seedless raspberry jam”

  1. A bit of a stink at the allotments this weekend! « The Oxfordshire Copywriters' Allotment Says:

    […] flavour from something which resembles apricot really doesn’t add up!  I’ve added our seedless raspberry jam recipe to our blog here, so you can try it for yourself.  […]

  2. Christy Wichers Says:

    this jam doesnt need to be processed in water canner?

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